why your home needs gutters


ontrolling the flow of rainwater runoff from your roof is an important part of protecting your home. Soil expands when it absorbs water, and contracts when it dries out.  The shape of your roof causes more rainwater to run off on some sides of your home than others, causing the soil to expand unevenly.  This uneven expansion and the resulting contraction is the leading cause of foundation damage.



Another issue caused by rainwater runoff is splash back.  As the falling water hits the ground, it impacts and displaces the soil at the base of your home.  This harms any plants you might be growing and throws dirt onto the siding of the building.  It also creates a depressed area in the ground where water can collect and stand.  This is called posing.  The standing water is unattractive and attracts insects like mosquitos, termites, ants, and roaches.



Rain gutters take the rainwater runoff from your roof and transport it away from your foundation, so the soil can expand evenly and your landscape can remain intact.  They can also help you save and reuse all that water with a rainwater collection system, helping you maintain your landscaping during a drought without running up your bill.

Foundation repair is expensive.  Rain gutters are not.  The average cost of foundation repair in America ranges from $10,000 to $14,000, while seamless rain gutter system is only a fraction of the cost.  Being proactive can save you from costly and tiresome repairs later.  Would you rather spend a few days repairing your foundation, or a few hours having rain gutters put up?



Here at Martins Sheetmetal, we pride ourselves on using and installing the best product we can.  That's why we use only the best materials to make our products right here in America for over 30 years.  We make it easy to get the perfect rain gutter system for your home by offering a wide selection of products in a variety of colors and metals.


Protect your home and it's value with a seamless rain gutter system.  Demand Quality.  Martins Sheetmetal, Inc. since 1986.